Trade mark registration can be expensive. In 30 years of evidence I have found the most expensive and wasteful results come from adopting legally weak trade marks to register.

Legally weak trade marks waste money long after registration.

Here’s 17 articles with our firm’s tips on how to select legally strong marks. They cover trade marks, brands and business, company, product and domain names.

Essential reading – what’s a legally strong/astute trade mark?

More ideas

Novel trade marks – colour and sound

Entertainment brands, marks and names

Beverage brands, marks and names

Food brands, marks and names

Fashion brands, marks and names

One lesson in these articles is that the expenses of trade mark registration and protection can be greatly reduced by working with your legal team to pick legally strong brands, marks and names.

Call for a conversation, anytime. We encourage our clients to work with us to brainstorm legally strong marks and names. It doesn’t cost you more. In fact it will cost you less.

Contact us with any questions or requests.

Noric Dilanchian