1. Intellectual Property Audit  – this is what we do to find out and assess what you have
  2. Intellectual Property Register and Guides as to IP management – to document what you have, eg for licensing to others
  3. Trade mark – registration and related brand development advice
  4. Business structuring – to structure your affairs in a manner separate from you in case that is useful, eg for involving others in collaborations with you
  5. Advice for working with others, be they employees, contractors, consultants or collaborators. These are legal or management categories, in "industry speak" we might refer to people you might work with as including chefs, editors, television producers, Website developers, photographers etc. Intellectual property is made by people, not machines, so it makes sense to record the rules which apply between the people involved. This includes advice and contracts for you to protect the ownership and control of copyright materials developed by you when working with others, including text and photos. This is all essential if you are to have something to license say in a merchandising agreement with others (eg Outback BBQ-like kitchen utensils bearing your name or logo).
  6. Deal making and contract negotiation advice – to secure deal points early on, when typically it is the easiest time to do so
  7. Contract drafting and advice – creating templates (including short form letter agreements) for you to use contracts to create what might be described as "your legal brick wall". 

Our firm's IP-related services are overviewed on the following webpages or PDFs:

Noric Dilanchian