Noric Dilanchian


Lawyer, Author and Educator

Noric excels in helping clients integrate legal, business, design and technology strategy. Far more effectively than law applied on its own, this approach protects, documents, manages and commercialises intellectual property, innovation, content, digital assets and technology.

Noric DilanchianSince 1983 he has continuously worked as a business lawyer. Before establishing Dilanchian in 2000, he worked as a lawyer in national and medium-sized law firms and before that as in-house counsel with Angus & Robertson Publishers. He graduated in 1982 from the University of New South Wales with degrees in Arts (History Major) and Law.

Throughout his 38 years of experience as a lawyer he has been a specialist in content, contracts and intellectual property law and commercialisation. This extended from the early 1990s to information technology law and digital assets. His business law expertise is recognised in deal making and contract drafting, and product export/import and distribution. Regarding content his experience is extensive in multiple entertainment sectors (including artworks, music, events, film and TV), web services, and print and online publishing.

This niche areas are complemented by his substantial experience in business structuring, business sale and purchase transactions, human resources contracting and management, trade practices, general commercial law and dispute resolution.

Clients and industries

Noric acts for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established clients. As short listed below, clients he regularly advises are active in various industries, types of business, technology and professional services.

      • Web services, ecommerce and mobile apps
      • Training and education and elearning ventures
      • Start-up structuring and capital raising
      • Publishing, entertainment and social media
      • IP and technology commercialisation
      • Video production and online marketing
      • Medical devices, health and allied health
      • Industry associations

Events and publications

Ongoing investment in research, publishing and speaking engagements keeps Noric’s work useful, up-to-date and affordable.

Research and publishing informs Noric’s regular webinar, events and media interview presentations on law and related topics. He has published peer reviewed articles, reports and industry submissions. Since 2004 he has presented at in excess of 55 webinars and other events on topics such as:

      • Law for Creative Ventures [TechLoad with Sandra Spencer, radio interview]
      • Hints and Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media [Armenian Professional Network of Australia]
      • Client Communications: Taking Instructions in a Digital World [City of Sydney Law Society]
      • Creating a Strategy for Practice Development [Television Education Network]
      • How to Profit from Digital Assets [Institute of Management Consultants]
      • Getting Client Attention and Engagement with Social Media [Law Society of NSW]
      • Restraints of Trade [Television Education Network]
      • Business Succession Planning [Edge, University of NSW]
      • Professional Services Business Models [College of Law, Sydney]
      • Developing Your Online Profile [Clarence River & Coffs Harbour Law Society]
      • Copyright Profit From Publishing [Perpetual Limited]

Research and publishing also feeds Noric’s regular social media sharing via the channels below. Noric is the principal author of Lightbulb, the Dilanchian IP and commercialisation blog. Since its launch in 2006, now with over 500 substantive posts Lightbulb has grown into a body of know-how referenced in Wikipedia and other sites worldwide.

Contract drafting and review expertise

Noric has extensive experience in drafting contracts, business documents and clause libraries.

In the first year of his career using an IBM Displaywriter he learned the value of code standardisation and re-use. To this in the 1990s working regularly with management consultants he gained multidisciplinary know-how regarding business functions, processes and workflows. This experience is applied in contract drafting work to analysis of value chains and discovery of mechanisms for productivity to minimise risks for clients and improve their businesses, revenues, documentation and processes.

Noric has reviewed, prepared or advised on over 5,000 contracts. As a legaltech innovator he has developed a significant resource, a documents database of thousands of contracts and related templates and samples. This resource facilitates cost-effective and highly commercial advice, especially for the integration of legal and business strategy to protect, document, manage, raise capital and commercialise the digital and other intellectual assets of clients. Those assets include patents, copyrights, trade marks, brands, confidential information, information and entertainment content, computer programs, courseware and business systems.


Noric has served on many company, industry and government boards. He is a former president of AIMIA, a national industry association (operating from 1992 to 2016) for ecommerce, internet, and interactive media developers. For almost a decade he served as a member of the Business Law Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales, chairing its Intellectual Property Sub-committee.

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