Our core business is building value for clients and protecting their position for growth. We register, protect and secure the assets and revenue sources for businesses and people in business.

We specialise in their digital assets, online presence, intellectual property and technology commercialisation.

As pioneers in Australia in areas of law and technology and as experienced practitioners our promise to you is to excel in serving your needs.

We’ll explore and test with you what needs to be done. We’ll listen to you, provide consultancy, and ask “why” and “what if” questions. Only then will be provide advice, a costed proposal or refer you to others. For referrals our experienced practitioners draw on their extensive network of trusted advisers and consultants.

Intellectual property, digital assets and technology

We add value to your knowledge, intellectual property, technology and innovation. Our expertise is across a wide range of sectors.

For a fee stated in advance, we’ll audit, manage, identify, develop, register, protect, evaluate, contract and commercialise your assets.

    • Food and beverage
    • Education and training
    • Business services
    • Professional services
    • Building and construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Health and allied health
    • Publishing
    • Software ventures
    • Social media
    • Entertainment

Contract drafting and review and related documents

If getting it in writing is your need, let’s talk.

As legaltech innovators helping clients to present well we have market-leading contract and document drafting expertise.

Our documents database contains several thousand contracts and related template documents.

    1. They are “solutions in a box” designed to empower users
    2. Include clauses that are essential, alternatives or optional
    3. Incorporate user guide instructions to help job-specific customisation
    4. Are supported by detailed advice letters and guide ebooks
    5. Incorporate up-to-date business and financial models
    6. Are smartly designed to highlight key information early or upfront
    7. Can be branded as client documents improving client brand recognition
    8. Are available in a range of formats, eg short, long, letter or schedulised styles
    9. Follow the latest learning on metadata and knowledge management
    10. Use a consistent Word style across the entire suite of documents
    11. Have easy to use layouts
    12. Use plain language

Call us now on Tel 1300 492 010 or Contact us for a face to face or online consultation to kick off the planning process.

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