We are looking for professional and support staff and we have the means and strategy to maintain substantial growth. We are attracted by applicants who clearly state what they seek. To apply for employment, call us or send your (1) resume, (2) academic results, and (3) covering letter to the Managing Partner, Noric Dilanchian.

You should possess a keen intellect, energy and motivation, a good sense of humour, and an ability to work independently. You will face changing and growing demands and so we look for people who are world-class or have the potential to become that.

The many attractions of working here

We provide genuine career development opportunities.

The practice is a learning organisation and a supportive place to work and we rank the development and progress of our people as a key goal. Indeed the fact that we take training seriously is the key reason stated by young lawyers who work with us as to why they join us.

Dilanchian is a firm with:

    • A solid, diverse and entrepreneurial client base
    • Up-to-date systems for knowledge and matter management
    • Growth in traditional as well as sustainable new practice fields
    • A business focus, including on dynamic markets
    • A commitment to continuous improvement
    • A culture which values creativity, teamwork, trust, and enthusiasm.

You will enjoy and benefit from:

    • A clear understanding of our expectations
    • Challenging projects for appreciate and stimulating clients
    • Close relationships with clients, including in business development activities
    • A real opportunity for career development in a collegial and unconventional firm
    • Training in law, management consultancy and a range of practice areas
    • Work practices that balance work and personal life commitment.


Work experience students

We only provide work experience if we believe that there are long-term possibilities for future positions with us. The level of training we provide involves just too great an investment to justify short-term arrangements.

Professional support

All staff undertake an extensive induction program on joining the firm, and training in our systems and procedures is an ongoing process. We are leaders in using information technology, document design, and plain language communication.


Experience and above-average academic performance, in subjects relevant to our areas of expertise, is considered important in our assessment of candidates. Highly relevant fields of law include all fields of intellectual property, contracts and other commercial law, corporate and business structuring, and litigation practice and procedure.

Certainly, it would be true to say we are an “IP law firm” or an “IT and IP law firm” or “entertainment law firm”. However, we believe it is more accurate to say we are a business law firm specialising in technology and IP law, management and commercialisation for a wide range of business sectors.

We do a great deal of intellectual property and digital assets advisory and dispute resolution work. The work is for a wide range of clients, not just clients  in the entertainment, web services, mobile apps and other IT sectors. For example we advise clients who are education and training service providers, business consultancies, inventors, financial services advisers, manufacturers, wine makers, and food and beverage entrepreneurs and distributors,.

It would greatly aid any application you may make if you can demonstrate industry or business knowledge or experience. You may have conducted special research, written a major thesis, or worked in a non-legal or semi-legal position.

We look for team players with strong communication, project management and client management skills. Some work we do involves considerable academic rigour. In contrast, other work calls for brainstorming sessions between a team, often during conference calls with clients. For example, in name protection and trade mark registration work we regularly brainstorm ideas with clients and graphic designers regarding proposed word or logo trade marks, trading names, packaging designs and domain names. These brainstorming sessions optimise for clients the integration of legal, design and commercial considerations for their marks, names, brands, domains and market identity and positioning.

In applying for a position you should be guided by the knowledge that Dilanchian is a firm which often combines methodologies and solutions from law  and other disciplines. If a client’s needs require it, we may integrate legal advice with advice from other disciplines. For example, when we design and draft a new in-house template contract for a client, we also advise on its use with the client’s available web and mobile technology.

You will join in the knowledge that your career will have options for many future paths. Among our alumni group are individuals who’ve gone on to be a:

  • barrister,
  • senior lawyer at a major business law firm,
  • CEO in a real property management company,
  • sole practice solicitor who is also a trade mark attorney,
  • executive in a litigation funding company,
  • public service executive reviewing infrastructure contracts,
  • in-house intellectual property and business law counsel at a university, and
  • in-house counsel in a health sector software company.


More information

Call 1300 492 010 or email Noric Dilanchian below for more information to apply for employment.

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