• Contract Drafting & Review

We’ve drafted thousands of business contracts which recipients are quick to accept.

Our speciality is drafting contract template clients can use themselves. They include tested business models and are designed for clients to increase their productivity and workflow efficiency in transactions.

Call now, before you communicate to anyone your agenda, begin negotiations, make a proposal or offer a term sheet, deal points or similar commercial terms.

  • Demand Letter Drafting & Review

For the resolution of legal disputes or legal claims we have decades of expertise in achieving results without court action.

After taking instructions, followed by consultancy and advice, our work typically involves preparing highly customised demand letters and replies to them.

In each type of case we work out and structure the known facts, the applicable law and how then to get to the desired outcome most efficiently and cost-effectively.

In writing demand letters or replies to them our motto is to seek resolution with a “a court case in a letter”.

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