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One Shot Letter Solution

Resolving legal matters with just one letter is our track record in hundreds of cases. It works for many types of disputes. We’ve protected brands, resolved contract breaches, recovered money and more.

Tell us your circumstances. We’ll take over from there to prepare a letter for a fixed fee.

Fewer issues, more productivity

We drafted a suite of employee contracts and documents for a mortgage finance broker.

In cases over the years the client was delighted on how effectively they improved productivity and protected against rogue or under-performing employees.

Profit from intellectual property

To commercialise a training system for health professionals we’ve grown a client’s intellectual property management system.

Our client has maintained control over its assets. Its international market is growing for its training institute.


We’ve added value to client IP for almost 40 years.

Our core business is adding value to your knowledge, intellectual property, technology and innovation. For a fee stated in advance, we can audit, manage, identify, develop, register, protect, evaluate, contract and commercialise your intellectual assets.


Call for contract drafting or review that will delight you.

As legaltech innovators we have developed and maintain a documents database of thousands of contracts and decision support tools. You’ll receive up-to-date, well-designed, cost-effective, practical and highly commercial advice and documentation.


Make your transactions faster, better, safer and cheaper.

We are pioneers in internet, ecommerce and digital media sectors in Australia. To win them more business we’ve invented or redesigned for clients hundreds of online workflows, business processes and transaction documents.

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Measuring the number of genre films released from 1910 to 2020

Measuring the number of genre films released from 1910 to 2020

This graphic is a measure of released genre films made in each year from 1910 to 2020 on the IMDB database. It categorises moving image works (eg films) from 1910 to 2020 by their genre discriptor in the IMDB database. Each year in each graphic represents the number of films made, not the population size that saw them, their revenue or impact.

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Learn to fight back against Big Tech and Big Content

Learn to fight back against Big Tech and Big Content

This is a short review of two highly recommended books on understanding the financial viability today of producers of entertainment and informational intellectual property (“IP”). The first book is by political economy specialist Yanis Vaouroufakis is the 2023 book Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism. London: The Bodley Head. The second is of greater practical use for owners and producers of IP as it covers many IP and business law topics. It is the 2022 book by Rebecca Giblin and Cory Dotorow, Chokepoint Capitalism: How Big Tech and Big Content Captured Creative Labor Markets and How We’ll Win Them Back. Melbourne: Scribe.

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Re-reading “Future Shock”, 53 years after its 1970 publication

Re-reading “Future Shock”, 53 years after its 1970 publication

“The Tofflers get a lot right, viewing developments through their post-war boom, warnings of dislocations ahead, spectacles. … Ultimately the book is about US culture and what technology and late capitalism after the Second World War was doing to culture, and the need to not have change unrestrained and unmanaged and be dominated by “econocentricism” (p. 428). The same debate is present in 2023 as regards generative AI. About generative AI, as well as the Tofflers’ core concerns, this sentence from the book resonate: “Lacking guidelines or precedents, we flounder over the moral and legal questions.”

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“I have known Noric Dilanchian professionally and socially for over two decades now and have nothing but the highest of regard for him.

We have worked together and he has briefed me on numerous cases over the years in commercial, company , contractual and intellectual property matters. His attention to detail is second to none. He looks after his clients and their cases with the utmost of sensitivity and importance and is fearless in his pursuit of justice for them. Simply put, I cannot recommend him too highly.”

— Adrian Amer, Barrister (London)


Our Clients & Expertise


Entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses gain from our expertise and experience in:


  1. Forming business structures and shareholdings and protecting intellectual property
  2. Resolving legal disputes, asserting legal rights and defending against legal claims
  3. Marketing consultancy and content production services for online presence
  4. Content, training, education, publishing, entertainment, and social media
  5. Professional services by providers in business, software, health and law
  6. Capital raising, and sale or purchase of assets and businesses
  7. Commercialisation of intellectual property and technology