In 2007 we extended an invitation to readers to call for a conversation on 10 possible topics. Happily some took up the offer.

The nature of the questions kept them relevant. So for 2012 we repeat them and our invitation.

If you want to discuss the 10 topics below call us whether you are a client, collaborator or a stranger. We’re proposing an open conversation to exchange thoughts, play cards and see where that might lead.

This proposal is not attached to any obligations.

  1. What is affordable for you to do to increase the value of your business or go to the next stage?
  2. How can you improve and secure revenues from intellectual property and fee for services?
  3. Which branding and trade mark registration strategies help in an age of product proliferation?
  4. What business models are working on the web? Don’t call if you only want to say its advertising.
  5. What’s your potential niche market in the future of video, IPTV or TV-like content on the web?
  6. How do you make online contracts legally binding, and when and where are they not binding?
  7. What are the opportunities available from mobile devices for content, tools and services companies?
  8. How can you generate revenue from or because of use of open source software and content?
  9. How do you work out what, when and whether to patent your invention or use other IP protection?
  10. What key legal considerations apply if you seek to hire a team or work with other peoples’ money?

A bonus question: What strategy do you have to gain from geographic growth markets (eg India, China, Brazil etc)?

Business is built from conversations. We won’t necessarily offer any legal advice in any first conversation. We will share insights and seek to explore whether a deeper relationship is sensible. Our commitment as lawyers is to keep what you say confidential if it involves confidential information. We make that commitment here in writing.

Painting credit: Paul Cezanne, “Card Players”, 1890-92.

Contact us with any questions or requests.

Noric Dilanchian