If you are an entrepreneur or start-up or developing the concept for a new business you know you’ll find guidance and inspiration in how others have succeeded or failed. Their stories are inspiring biographies or valuable insights.

So what guidance and inspiration can you expect from your lawyer or accountant?

As a lawyer specialising in helping start-ups and SMEs, I’ve written 41 of these stories as one of my ways of providing guidance free-of-charge. Clients who call say they understand and appreciate what I’ve written.

"ip-business-lawyer"Start-ups keep me young in my thinking. In return I provide them with practical advice gained as a lawyer practising since 1983. This experience has made me acutely aware of the commercial and management challenges businesses face.

I accept it is never easy getting to glorious success. I’ll work with you to see how you might get there.

Clients who read my stories recognise that my firm offers something different from what is delivered by a typical intellectual property lawyer, contract lawyer, start-up lawyer or business law firm. We wear all those hats, and have something extra. Our firm descriptor is not an accident, it is intentionally “Lawyers and Consultants“.

Let me explain briefly by giving you my standard speech to new clients. Read it, it’s important for your business.

“As a very rough simplification, in my experience 5% of business issues are legal issues, 15% are relating to financial and accounting issues, and 80% are management issues. By management I’m referring to everything from operational systems, projects workflow, IT infrastructure, HR policy, product pricing policy and so forth.

When a file on a management stuff up lands on a lawyer’s desk the name of the file is changed. It is now called a ‘legal issue’. Actually, it is still a management stuff, except now it is in a lawyer’s hands. Consider what that means.

Also, now consider what the above percentages mean in terms of your budget and where you should spend you carefully saved money for your start-up venture.”

11 stories

So let’s turn to the stories I’ve written. Since mid-2009 I’ve written 11 of them. I’ve listed them, prefaced with the name of the person or entity they are mostly about where they were prominent in the story.

  1. [ACDC] ACDC’s music business model
  2. [Danjaq LLC, owner of James Bond copyright and trade marks] From Goldfinger to Green Thumb – The James Bond Story
  3. [Jimmy Wales] Wikipedia: Built free, open and with law
  4. [Poh Ling Yeow & Sarah Palin] How to make people and their products celebrities
  5. Intellectual property commercialisation simplified
  6. Academic IP revenue rights in technology commercialisation
  7. [James Watt] Patent law works for inventions and investment
  8. [Dave Brubeck] Lightbulb Moment – music IP & innovation
  9. [Dave McClure, Venture Capitalist] Internet start-up strategy checklist
  10. [Marc Andreessen] Venture capital beginners guide and update
  11. A recipe to make a high net worth celebrity chef

29 more stories

I wrote even more of these types of stories before mid-2009. By then I’d written 29 detailed stories on our website about commercialisation of intellectual property.

Back then writing stories, some of them quite long, helped me record learning from articles or books or insights from a career in law, consultancy and business.

Those earlier stories are fully listed in Commercialisation success stories and guides. Some of my favourites:

  • [Netscape] Being smart in software development to avoid the issues faced by Netscape Navigator
  • [Thomas Edison] How Edison kept records, which helped him in patent law cases
  • [Leewin Estate] How a famous American wine maker helped a Perth accountant  select a hillside for what became Australia’s greatest chardonnay
  • [Ray Charles] How Ray Charles became wealthy with IP contracts
  • The role of garages in invention in Anglo-Australian culture

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Noric Dilanchian