In 2016 one of our young lawyers left to further her career in London. Her career in our firm involved a range of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises, listed companies, start-ups and charitable foundations. The clients came from a range of industries including software development and licensing, publishing, food and nursery retailing, manufacturing, advertising, investment management, and management consultancy.

Below is an overview of the types of matters handled by the young lawyer, who on returning from London became an in-house counsel in a health IT company.

  • Negotiating and drafting licensing and assignment agreements regarding trade mark, copyright, and patent assets and confidential information rights eg: software licence agreements
  • Trade mark licensing and assignment agreements for educational programs, radio shows, performers, cartoon characters and franchises
  • Distribution agreements for distributing furniture, software, building materials, coffee and books
  • Manufacturing agreements involving licensing furniture moulds and designs, and protection of product formulas for patented products
  • Book publishing agreements addressing copyright and confidentiality issues
  • Technical and scientific research and collaboration agreements addressing legal and managerial issues, eg confidential information, patent assignment, setting performance targets and funding and project management processes
  • Franchise agreements addressing issues regarding confidential information, licensing trade marks, marketing materials and performance targets for a coffee distribution franchise
  • Intellectual property auditing and valuation and drafting intellectual property policies
  • Trade mark licensing and assignment trade mark infringement letters of demand and conducting trade mark oppositions
  • Drafting domain name applications and renewals;
  • Preparing trade mark applications and advising regarding international trade mark searches and trade mark design
  • Advising on brands, advertising and marketing eg misleading, deceptive and comparative advertising
  • Negotiating and drafting employment, collaboration and confidentiality agreements and management documents for management consultants, radio announcers, researchers, models, fashion designers, furniture designers, ghostwriters
  • Drafting letters of demand, trade mark oppositions, affidavit evidence, injunction applications and briefs to counsel in regard to infringements relating to trade practices (competition law), confidential information, copyright, moral rights, domain name, contract and trade mark law
  • Drafting articles and guides for the firm’s website and the Law Society Journal of The Law Society of New South Wales
  • Drafting submissions to various regulatory bodies on behalf of the Intellectual Property and E-Commerce Sub-Committee of The Law Society of New South Wales
  • Interviewing clients and drafting proposals to prospective or existing clients

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Noric Dilanchian