KML FrameworkTM


Planning and market knowledge: We chart the path for your assets, particularly your knowledge, intellectual property, technology and innovations. This planning work helps you use your assets for wealth creation, productivity, market positioning and market leadership.


Knowledge management and performance improvement: We integrate legal, business and technology strategy for your assets. This management work unifies and simplifies the work. You save time and money and minimise hassles.


Transaction negotiation and documentation: We aim to achieve big picture results for you, combining law with other disciplines to lead you through your deals.

The KML FrameworkTM embodies the principle that in deal making you have to use knowledge to plan the proposed deal, work out how to implement and manage the outcome of the deal, and only then do the deal. We apply this principle to your strategic, tactical and operational decisions. The KML FrameworkTM resolves vital business issues which cut across law and a number of other disciplines and fields of knowledge. It integrates planning and management processes (eg risk management and knowledge management) with the legal considerations of intellectual property management and business law.

The KML FrameworkTM shapes our information architecture which is structured by six practice fields:

      • Commercialisation & Knowledge Management
      • IP, Technology & E-business
      • Corporate & Business Dealings
      • Finance & Securities
      • Real Property
      • Dispute Resolution

Our core solutions in these fields each have a codified methodology, documentation and costs basis. To meet client needs we can customise billing arrangements to suit specific projects and clients.

With the KML FrameworkTM we build, support and improve your performance. We are empowered by it in our mission to serve you professionally, to provide value for money services which are tailored, innovative, strategic and practical.

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Noric Dilanchian