Lightbulb is an Australian IP, IT and business law blog focused on commercialisation of intellectual property. This is a list of IP commercialisation success stories in the blog’s first few years.

Our portfolio of stories covers an inspiring range of successful products, services, business systems and technologies. It ends with a list of guides designed to help you build your success story.

Australian commercialisation stories

Commercialisation abroad

New Zealand

Fruit and agricultural products: Striking gold with kiwifruit

United States


Street furniture: Commercialisation and Advertising Contracts in Paris

Various countries

Information technology: 7 commercialised IT technologies

Commercialisation guides


If you have a commercialisation need contact us for a conversation. There is so much to review that it is best to call us. We can help by providing a range of services and templates, including detailed self-assessment checklists and questionnaires.

Noric Dilanchian