1. How to use social networks to grow communication around your product, service or company message.
  2. How to use your online presence to turn browsers into customers.
  3. How to increase traffic to your online presence, whether it be a website, blog, RSS feed, wiki, or site on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, YouTube or other social media or social network.
  4. How to use new media to make your business lean and competitive.
  5. How to stay connected to youth markets and other growing communities.
  6. How to use multimedia to differentiate your offering.

How to attract attention by being insightful, practical and interesting – all with brevity.

How to develop your online brand or presence in a way that “keeps it real” for audiences; making it engaging, pulling in the audience to your message rather than pushing it out as advertising tends to do.

It is arguable that the Prime Minister and his advisers have performed poorly on YouTube as regards question 9. The evidence for that position is available in the YouTube comments and in the following Google search string which can be used to explore the adventures of “John Howard” on YouTube.

Our firm’s experience tells us it is essential online to keep it real. For us it helps to communicate through the quality of the stories we tell and the practical relevance of insights and our site information architecture.

Heart-felt stories can achieve some of the best results. They get back to real moments during fireside chats and “Dear Diary” entries. Though much more is needed, keeping it real with good stories remains a core requirement.

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Noric Dilanchian