We track IT developments to better serve the legal and business needs of our clients.

Sometimes we uncover gems, such as the John Coates article discussed here on regulating online communities.

Our article, Wisdom for Commercialisation of Social Networking Websites, ended with a section headed “How to grow social networking”.

It quotes a great list published in 1994 by Coates for regulation of online communities.

Regulation of online communities is nowadays commonly framed within a species of contract named terms of use or terms of service. They appear on making credit card transactions online and indeed as you browse most websites.

Coates wrote a wonderfully succinct list of principles for regulating online communities. Go to “Cyberspace innkeeping” and see the list at the end of the article. He wrote drawing on his years of experience at The Well, perhaps the first online community in history. We wrote on The Well in Social media’s deep well.

Researching emerging trends for the future is vitally important for our work for clients.

Intellectual property ventures and legal practice has a strong focus on the future. Licensing agreements, shareholders agreements and numerous others must be designed to effectively operate for years into the future.

The results of recent work include these articles:

Noric Dilanchian