Speaking in a short video clip he says YouTube plans to:

  • Pay users for uploading content. (Perhaps it will share future advertising revenue?)
  • Collect from users who use copyright music. He says YouTube plans to use audio fingerprinting technology to identify music used on videos. He implies this data will be then shared with [music] labels.

See the Chad Hurley clip at a Davos07 World Economic Forum session.

So YouTube is moving towards an intellectual property (IP) revenue sharing business model. Hurley and American brevity and spelling would tag that “monetarizing YouTube”. YouTube is now negotiating with film studios, television networks and music labels. There is more evidence of this in stories from Forbes online here.

The Hurley revelation adds to what I’ve recorded before on YouTube’s emerging IP strategy required to solve its big copyright problem. My two prior posts on this thread are YouTube in copyright licensing negotiations and Person of the Year caught in copyright scandal.

Noric Dilanchian