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One Shot Letter Solution

Resolving legal matters with just one letter is our track record in hundreds of cases. It works for many types of disputes. We’ve protected brands, resolved contract breaches, recovered money and more.

Tell us your circumstances. We’ll take over from there to prepare a letter for a fixed fee.

Fewer issues, more productivity

We drafted a suite of employee contracts and documents for a mortgage finance broker.

In cases over the years the client was delighted on how effectively they improved productivity and protected against rogue or under-performing employees.

Profit from intellectual property

To commercialise a training system for health professionals we’ve grown a client’s intellectual property management system.

Our client has maintained control over its assets. Its international market is growing for its training institute.


We’ve added value to client IP for almost 40 years.

Our core business is adding value to your knowledge, intellectual property, technology and innovation. For a fee stated in advance, we can audit, manage, identify, develop, register, protect, evaluate, contract and commercialise your intellectual assets.


Call for contract drafting or review that will delight you.

As legaltech innovators we have developed and maintain a documents database of thousands of contracts and decision support tools. You’ll receive up-to-date, well-designed, cost-effective, practical and highly commercial advice and documentation.


Make your transactions faster, better, safer and cheaper.

We are pioneers in internet, ecommerce and digital media sectors in Australia. To win them more business we’ve invented or redesigned for clients hundreds of online workflows, business processes and transaction documents.

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How to host a webinar, WITH IMAGINATION.

How to host a webinar, WITH IMAGINATION.

Webinars have proliferated in this remote working, Covid-shaped era. From recent webinars I’ve gained nothing, except inspiration for this Sunset Talk video on how to host a webinar. As for imagination, head to 3:44 mins in the video to see the Innovation to Novelty Spectrum, supported by James Brown.

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Digital advertising fraud, opacity, and declining efficacy

Digital advertising fraud, opacity, and declining efficacy

While online advertising may suit some businesses and organisations, caution is needed. Online advertising as a financial model for online businesses has a rocky future. It involves vast levels of fraud, pseudo transparency, dystopia, and declining efficacy.

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30 tips on advertising by a giant in the field

30 tips on advertising by a giant in the field

Ogilvy on Advertising is a 1983 classic text on advertising which a copywriting client recommend I read. Ogilvy writes that he is “codifying experience”. The purpose of this post is to codify my confirmed learning on reading his book. This is learning that has stood the test of time. It remains supremely relevant today.

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“I was honoured to intern at Noric’s office in Sydney. As of today, I have not seen anyone such detail oriented and practical in applying science, namely architecture and human psychology into the practice of law.

Detail oriented and a master of architectural thinking, I have learned so much from working for him; things that I would have never learned in any school or education institution. I am glad that I made that call and insisted on seeing him. I honed many practical skills through this internship. Thank you Noric!”

— Pouyan Bohloul, Lawyer (Los Angeles)


Our Clients & Expertise


Entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses gain from our expertise and experience in:


  1. Forming business structures and shareholdings and protecting intellectual property
  2. Resolving legal disputes, asserting legal rights and defending against legal claims
  3. Marketing consultancy and content production services for online presence
  4. Content, training, education, publishing, entertainment, and social media
  5. Professional services by providers in business, software, health and law
  6. Capital raising, and sale or purchase of assets and businesses
  7. Commercialisation of intellectual property and technology