A fun and helpful website tool at edwordle.net can help visualise your business and its offerings. It can be used to visualise messages associated with your brand.

If you don’t have clarity about your brand, it makes it harder to sell to others. I often say this to clients seeking trade mark registration or cultural or operational changes in their business.

"wordle_dilanchian"The way we work is to first identify a client’s specific needs.

After needs assessment is completed, we apply a legal solution.

That solution is often improved by adding multi-disciplinary know-how. Management know-how is always critical. Also useful are IT, graphic design, accounting, project management and marketing know-how.

This approach is due to the emphasis we give to  advice, not just transaction processing. We value-add to plain vanilla legal advice.

So how to visualise that complex message? EdWordle helps. I used it to produce the accompanying tagcloud-style image.

I fed in text from the tagcloud at dilanchian.com.au. I settled on the accompanying image of what we do in our law firm for a reason.

The image immediately communicates key messages about our law firm, its services and know-how. Here’s why.

  • ip (ie intellectual property) is like a key opening the whole image
  • business management know-how is the dominant message
  • law, legal, licensing etc stand out, but they are subsets of ip and business management
  • the rest is detail


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