Other tweets are simply like Post-it Notes, hyperlinks in Twitter to posts by me or others. They are also comparable to social bookmarking on say Digg, reddit, Stumbleupon, or Delicious.

So here’s the last 46 tweets bringing the total to 100. Frequent topics include IT contracts, IT and Internet developments, IP law, and knowledge management.

  1. Google is to launch “social search“. You activate your Google profile, start search, then see friend’s content
  2. Scoble’s interesting view on the future of search – Google’s dominance & the opportunity for Facebook and Twitter
  3. What are the values of “left” and “right” wingers? A visualisation for beginners from an American perspective
  4. The end of culture? Paul Budde’s informed take on copyright community’s digital and traditional positions
  5. Innovation is tough for a small or medium-sized business (SME). SME Innovation Alliance in UK wants law reform
  6. TERMINOLOGY 101: #innovation. Use that term to refer to “change”. Beyond that use lies the world of hype, devoid of reality and meaning.
  7. Our IT contracts typology: Advisory, Brief/Proposals/Specs, Develop, Test, License, Distribute, Support, Assign, Socialise, Transact, Host..
  8. This week I finalised the latest round of updating of my firm’s suite of #IT #contracts and more importantly their categories or typologies.
  9. Next decade there’ll be fewer economic, environmental, and cultural certainties. Change will be faster, multifaceted and less predictable.
  10. Next decade there’ll be more #IP law, IP #auditing, IP #mapping, IP #strategy, IP #management, IP #commercialisation, & IP #revenues.
  11. Web 2.0 & social media lead to “newish” (1) #collaboration, (b) organisational arrangements, (c) modes of production, & (d) reward sharing.
  12. Multimedia producer, Michael Ney, today developed our first page for a forthcoming deal making and #contracts #wiki. The page is a glossary.
  13. The template #proposal is designed for developers of software or websites (brochureware, informational, transaction or service level sites).
  14. My firm’s new #proposal template for web or IT #developers is succinct, sophisticated, stylish & scalable with specs, project plan & budget.
  15. Today’s lecture underlined for me the disconnection between government, university, media, public and private enterprise activity. Waste.
  16. Gave a lecture today to university academics, researchers & administrators. Topic: connecting #IP + management + tools to be project ready.
  17. Governments, educational institutions, professionals and large corporates have a choice. Reduce hype or get real and avoid being road kill.
  18. Change is less predictable than ever with new epicenters (eg China and India). Yet our “news” and #KM is 99% manufactured in English. Dumb.
  19. USEFUL CLASSIFICATION – Products and services fall in 5 levels: (1) bespoke (2) standardised (3) systematised (4) packaged (5) commoditised.
  20. GUESS For AdSense monetisation (U.S. #monetization) who has the best margins – New York Times or About.com? – http://tinyurl.com/ya242kp
  21. Have now updated typology for my suite of #IT contracts. Next is detail – updates for layouts, project management, jargon and lastly #law.
  22. A useful typology for IT contracts reflects market behaviours, eg for buying services for web development, apps, ecommerce, and social media
  23. Three types of #websites businesses often pay for today: (1) Web 1.0 brochureware, (2) Web 2.0 engagement type sites, (3) transaction sites.
  24. Updating my huge suite of IT #contract templates. The focus is on changes to reflect what developers sell today and their customers buy.
  25. From Goldfinger to Green Thumb – The James Bond Story” – my latest short case study on #IP law and management.
  26. Private foreign investment in Australian businesses below A$219 million can proceed without Foreign Investment Review Board review – new law
  27. In “Management and change management distinguished” I say #management is thinking about systems not just change.
  28. Three legal data visualisations” – is the latest of my four articles on #legal data #visualisation
  29. Go beyond #IP protection and seek #innovation management. My post on this: “10 steps for innovation management
  30. Melbourne University academics write “Between 1990 and 2008 there was a 261% increase in the number of personal insolvencies in Australia.”
  31. Since 1990 Australians, like Americans, have become debt junkies. Melbourne University academic analysis of this – http://tinyurl.com/mdr4ef
  32. Most traditional lawyers still write case reports with no hyperlinks. Not even to the case! Do they also wear flared jeans and eat lard?
  33. Is #management and change management the same thing now? My post – Management and change management distinguished
  34. Businesses are still buying 1990s style website designs. They don’t see information architecture leads to better marketing and #SEO results.
  35. Yesterday spent 5 hours improving my core template intellectual property (#IP) assignment deed, & related templates. The deed now sparkles.
  36. Intellectual property sale or licence agreements are critical for #IP businesses. Get them of lose. Seek the highest quality in content.
  37. A tale of two property values. Packer sold his #IP assets for billions, now his real property HQ for A$50 million. http://tinyurl.com/n7j4ac
  38. African song, Soul Makossa, contains the line “ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa”. It founds two #copyright claims.
  39. How to get a great #trademark registration. Select/test: 1) mark, 2) who owns it, 3) description of goods or services, & 3) link to business
  40. Strategic thinking is critical for #commercialisation. Feed it by documenting your offerings, IP assets, team, #KM system, & business model.
  41. For an IP, IT or technology contract, what are usually the most time-consuming #contract provisions to draft? Definition clauses!
  42. Here’s an article with a powerful, current opening paragraph on today’s #contract and #IP law wars in IT & media – http://tinyurl.com/qhexnj
  43. Useful for #lawyers advising on #collaborations. Wikipedia links Porter’s *cluster theory* and the concept of *network effect*.
  44. Nice presentation by Australian Computer Society – 2009 ICT Statistical Compendium – http://bit.ly/Qy9ll /1/
  45. International patent applications coming from U.S. are down 14%. For China, up 20%. – WIPO chief Francis Gurry #IP
  46. #Start-up collaboration smarties – realise #IP is just an opportunity, pay for legal advice, and value-add to the IP for all to share the $
Noric Dilanchian