Jimi Hendrix, the master of feedback would have appreciated hyperlinks. On the internet, and especially in blogs, a hyperlink can be feedback. In recent months our site has enjoyed more hyperlink feedback than ever before. Time to express thanks.

Thanks to Bootstrapper. Our post, Four tasks to increase values or prices in business transactions, is included in its The 100 Best Business Finance Posts of All Time.

The naming and branding agency, Igor International, likes our post titled Generate great trade marks to register.

In his blog, the United States travel book publishing industry icon, Arthur Frommer (pictured), cites our post on a defamation action arising from a Sydney restaurant review. Our cited post is The cooks, the critics, the restaurant proprietors and their court cases. Our thanks to Mr Frommer. As pure coincidence, this month we linked to Frommer books in Retailers desperately seeking digital strategists, contrasting its positioning in travel book publishing with that of Australia’s Lonely Planet.

Not all links are to blog posts. The Dilanchian library article on private equity, Private equity or private debt? Beware the Ides of March, attracted traffic and calls from prospective clients. Adrian Wajsbrem, who blogs in Israel, liked it too.

Proving in our case that the better items attract hyperlink feedback, Hyper Passionate Entrepreneurs, a blog by Mahesh M Piddshetti, linked to and used the title of Beware of Web 2.0 crossing the chasm. Subsequently we changed the title to Win business by crossing the chasm.

Noric Dilanchian