Twitter posts in 2009.

  1. #Start-up collaboration smarties – realise #IP is just an opportunity, pay for legal advice, and value-add to the IP for all to share the $
  2. #Start-up collaboration primitives – believe #IP is a pie, seek a bigger personal cut, fail to get legal advice, then fight over the bones
  3. 3 key ways to improve business lawyer #productivity. 1 Use project management. 2 Develop commercial thinking. 3 Seek costs predictability.
  4. We inspired a client today to create a great #brand name in 1 hour. We asked: What’s the vibe, vision or positive message? He sparked. :)
  5. #IP strategy is 1% inspiration and 99% IP auditing, deal making, negotiation, documentation, registration, management… you get the picture
  6. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bob Ackerman rings alarm bells about rising legal compliance and legal issues
  7. Law firm value for money” – The legal mystique lives on in the legal profession and a LexisNexis “White Paper”
  8. Commercialisation success stories and guides” – original collection at Lightbulb IP law blog
  9. Note to self – when you talk law, also talk costs. It can verge on fraud to do otherwise.
  10. Enterprise 2.0 now has momentum in my law practice. I use it for client work and in my firm’s website tag cloud
  11. Internet business models debunk The Long Tail theory – my latest blog post
  12. I was told a lawyer who advises himself has a fool for a client. I say a client who takes advice and does not follow it is being foolish.
  13. Fact – print publishers for professionals continue to loose subscribers. Reason? The internet fire hose of information. Solution? Web 2.0.
  14. Chris Anderson wrote on the wrong tail. Today I saw the real long tail. It is a printed industry “publication” containing only advertorials.
  15. Brainstormed today for a quality Enterprise 2.0 web venture reworking the medical sector. Today it was great to be an IP lawyer in Sydney.
  16. I engage with social media as it builds my predictive capacity as a #lawyer. Traditional media is taken over by public relations, and worse.
  17. It would be nice if journalism and academia were on the path to improved predictive capacity. From my perspective they are in decline.
  18. Seek predictive capacity from #IP lawyers advising on IP strategy. Question their learning, experience, research, thinking and realism.
  19. Dion Hinchcliffe foresight – Assessing the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace in 2009: Robust and crowded
  20. Almost never set up a company for multiple parties if you lack a shareholders agreement and IP assignments. Principle: Form follows function
  21. Business and legal hints for software #commercialisation by small IT developers are in my latest post
  22. #Change is faster now. Change is more unpredictable now. WE NEED: 1. New approaches. 2. People thinking 5+ years ahead. 3. Quality data.
  23. Nobody I’ve met in professional services thinks we should have even more legislation. In Australia a tsunami of law is coming at us! Why?
  24. A legal rap and practical advice on #entrepreneurship: “Practical Rap: Entrepreneurship elevator speech
  25. What does copyright law say about copying images in Google images? Law is clear, but common practice has moved on.
  26. Download legal rapper noricd’s latest release ;) – “Practical Rap: Forming a business partnership agreement
  27. Do this if others with your permission USE a really valuable asset like a copyright or your brand or name. PUT IT IN WRITING.
  28. @markhjones Re media agency revenue shares in Oz. In reply to @markhjones.
  29. Wrote a harangue today, an article on things to consider in corporate or organisational social media policies. See
  30. Fish wrap whinge. In July 2009 it is mindless for a newspaper to discuss corporate social media policies and fixate on risk management.
  31. Be clear, are you employee or independent contractor? Affects: 1. tax, 2. IP ownership, 3. insurance cover, 4. liability for negligence etc.
  32. I thought the distinction in Oz law between the concepts of employee and independent contractor were settled. Not so, I’ve found in 2009.
  33. Business partners and collaborators of the world – put your deal in writing! Keep the deal verbal if you want lawyers to make more money.
  34. Wrote new blog post inspired by stats on car sales online in Australia “E-commerce contracts and revenues”. See
  35. Is knowledge management for lawyers suddenly a hot subject? Or have I been net surfing too much this month?
  36. Would this fly? A WEB VENTURE offering great template contracts (to buy) + contract law know-how wiki (free for all) + great Web 2.0 tools?
  37. I’ve advised internet ventures on law for 12 yrs+. Here’s what I know – 8 legal tips for e-commerce and websites.
  38. Open source software – which company propelled that idea to prominence? I say Netscape. I wrote why today here.
  39. Business process and competency definition should come before legal work.
  40. Regulations framework for e-commerce pharmaceuticals – put up this article today on advising Australian websites.
  41. Litigation in 2009 is a dark costly art. Solution? 1. Try to avoid it. 2. Seek early resolution. 3. Success rate of my demand letters: 80%.
  42. Entrepreneurship defined in a Q&A – my list of clues, pitfalls, and 10 key competencies for entrepreneurs.
  43. Advising on law for a U.S.-based Web 2.0 health site. A useful slide presentation for that sector is – Social Media Tools For Stronger Practice
  44. Good news growing on venture capital. Ning got US$15m, Facebook US$100m from Russians, LinkedIn claims a US$1bn value. All makes sense 2me.
  45. 4 great brand protection moves. 1. pick a good name 2. register, maybe a trademark too (call me) 3. market well 4. keep records and docs.
  46. ANSWER: For the best IP or commercialisation strategy – examine industry economics + your core competency/process, workflow, & capability
  47. QUESTION: What’s best for IP commercialisation? Is it being a licensor, supplier, brand owner, component manufacturer or something else?
  48. As a lawyer, for me the most interesting QUESTION for a client is – what is your intellectual property or technology commercialisation path?
  49. In 2007 I wrote “Business Models for Bands and Musicians 2.0”. Today got Web 2.0 for Australian music client.
  50. Heads of agreement simplified. To simplify Australian law, employ students!
  51. I uploaded a YouTube video — People Contracts- Contractor or Employee?
  52. I uploaded a YouTube video — Contracts for Business Collaborators.
  53. I uploaded a YouTube video — Sell Your Concept.


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