Do you need a simple, quick and practical guide for negotiation of a commercial deal, contract, arrangement or understanding?

Then you need to understand the deal making process. This post links to two tools to guide you – a slide presentation and an informational brochure.

Deal making is a process you should go through before preparing a legally binding contract. The same is the case for commercial arrangements and understandings. Put deal making first and you’ll benefit and save time, hassles, money, days in court.

Calling a lawyer to prepare a contract after a deal has already been done is usually false economy.


The better approach is to recognise and act on the fact that commercial and legal considerations overlap and indeed are sometimes twisted together. It is best to unravel them at the earliest possible stage, usually well before anyone starts to prepare a formal contract.

Look at our slide presentation, Deal Making Process Improvement Guidelines. It is uploaded into a shared PowerPoint site,

The slides simplify and overview a detailed guide written about seven years ago. The 28 page guide is now being updated in preparation for Profitable Business Contract Drafting, a two day workshop I will be conducting in August for lawyers in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contracting should follow deal making, not visa versa. Do it well and you’ll join the ranks of professional deal makers like James Brown (pictured in 1966 in the BBC’s Ready Steady Go). To read about Brown the deal maker, go to Music Business Entrepreneurship: Eulogy for James Brown.

Noric Dilanchian