Our law firm is now geared for more regular production of online video. The latest videos are linked below. In technology terms we’ve achieved that competency in collaboration with Michael Ney at Eagle Spirit Media and Jason Kemp at Dialog.

Michael and Jason would happy to have a dialogue with you if video online suits your marketing or other needs. Contact them directly or email me.

For our firm the business model for internet video is very clear.

One aspect is it helps provide substantive legal information, in an easy to follow format for existing and prospective clients. If viewers are engaged, they call us to discuss their legal needs. A conversation may lead to new work.

A high point for my personal realisation that video had arrived was triggered by Video Everywhere, an article by Jim Feeley, published in the U.S. publication PC World, 25 July 2006.

Yet three years on, a business model struggle remains with internet video for most players. This is evident in the report Australia – Digital Media – Online Video Market. This annual report is from Paul Budde’s BuddeComm, perhaps the leading analyst of the telecommunications sector in Australia. For an update on the market in 2009, read the Executive Summary section or buy the full report for A$495.

Internet video involves new knowledge, heaps of it. Its a sponge for software tools and learning about:

  • scripting
  • script editing
  • video camera shooting
  • audio recording
  • lighting
  • green screen use
  • presentation style
  • video editing
  • use of animations and images
  • graphic design
  • internet video hosting
  • internet video distribution
  • marketing and so forth.

New knowledge does not arrive in neat silo boxes or categories that might have been rote learned in a secondary or tertiary school. The riddle of finding business models or a business case for use of internet video won’t be solved simply with old silo knowledge.

Two solutions are to either hire those that know how to do it or build your own multi-disciplinary competency.

It takes years, if not decades, to develop the competency that experts like Michael Ney and Jason Kemp bring to the success of these projects. If you can use a webcam on your screen and upload to YouTube the results will reflect that low level of value-add.  Experts in internet video improve the quality, create content you can more easily re-use, and help to avoid problems and unnecessary expenditure on hardware and software. Another saving arrives from their thinking about the best solutions for video sharing and distribution strategies.

Knowing exactly what is needed and what will work for video on the web removes significant barriers to entry to chart the path towards multimedia communication without heartburn or unjustifiable cash burn.


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Noric Dilanchian