How do we respond to you enquiry?

The dialogue may be over the phone, in email or in a meeting.  If the work you require is within our capability we provide a costed proposal. Alternatively we’ll provide a referral.

What does needs assessment involve?

To advise you, your company or organisation, at the start of any new project we need the background facts, documents and information. We can assess your needs during a phone conversation supported by email. Sometimes an additional meeting is needed.

To make the process more efficient, after initial contact we often supply templates for you to fill in, eg forms, instruction sheets or questionnaires. Your additional information takes us to the next stage.

Do we have a guide for needs assessment for your work?

Yes, we can email a Needs Assessment Guide. It’s a PowerPoint slide show. By helping to define your business circumstances it speeds our work and saves legal costs.

How do we charge for your work?

We provide fixed fee estimates for many types of projects. Usually they are an estimate for a full project, but sometimes they may be for the first stage of a project or parts of it. For example, we provide fixed fee estimates for:

  • company formation,
  • shareholder transactions,
  • trade mark applications,
  • distribution agreements preparation and advice,
  • mobile app, software, and web development contracts,
  • publishing and entertainment industry contracts, and
  • advisory work relating to business contracts.

We charge on the basis of hourly rates for dispute resolution and litigation projects and mergers and acquisitions projects. Fees vary based on the seniority of the person dealing with your work.

We normally prepare a retainer agreement after a client agrees to proceed.

When do charges begin for your work?

There will be no charge until you, your company or organisation accept a proposal or tell us to proceed. We may require payment or, alternatively, a security sum which we will hold in our trust account until acceptance of our tax invoice. You can supply the security sum by cheque or direct deposit.

What paperwork is needed before we begin your work?

Normally we supply a proposal, usually a written Costs Disclosure as required by law and a Services Agreement. It sets out the scope of our work, the project personnel, and the financial terms.

There are numerous additional steps we take internally to get ready to do your work – eg a conflict of interest check, opening a file, selection of the appropriate workflow, and identification of relevant templates.

What workflow would apply for your work?

Our workflow for project management generally involves a six stage process:

  1. Client Enquiry
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Client Dialogue
  4. Proposal Writing
  5. Service Agreement Acceptance
  6. Delivery

What methodology would we use for your work?

Generally our professional services methodology involves three broad steps:

  1. Plan:  We chart the path for your assets, particularly your knowledge, intellectual property, technology and innovations. This planning work helps you use your assets for wealth creation, productivity, market positioning and market leadership.
  2. Manage:  We integrate legal, business and technology strategy for your assets. This management work unifies and simplifies the work. You save time and money and minimise hassles.
  3. Lead:  We aim to achieve big picture results for you, combining law with other disciplines to lead you through your deals. If we exceed your expectations, then we know we are on target.

Contact us with any questions or requests.

Noric Dilanchian