1.  Business law experience

To serve clients our team applies over 20 years experience in business law, emphasising technology and intellectual property law and commercialisation. Our people have successfully completed thousands of transactions, including reviewing, preparing or advising on no less than 5,000 contracts for organisations of all sizes.

2.  Breadth of know-how

Our people provide clients with a range of experience and qualifications in law as well as journalism, information technology, mathematics and accounting. This serves in both business law and dispute resolution work.

3.  Strategic thinking

We help clients integrate their legal, business and innovation strategy, especially to protect, contract, manage and commercialise their intellectual property, technology and knowledge assets.

4.  Depth of industry knowledge

We advise clients in many industries and sectors, particularly IT, professional services, franchising, retailing and distribution, marketing, seafood, fashion, not-for-profit trusts, digital publishing, entertainment, and media.

5.  Unique methodology

To properly identify and solve client needs we draw on our professional services methodology, the Dilanchian KML FrameworkTM. KML stands for Knowledge Management LeadershipTM and is our unique methodology positioning clients to compete and innovate more efficiently.

6.  Advice, training and support

To deliver results we define client needs in business or commercial terms before we treat them in legal terms. We incorporate many methods eg:

  • Training Services – management development workshops, courses, seminars, business luncheons and other events
  • Entrepreneurship Support – including supply of templates and guides for start-ups, spin-offs, entrepreneurial ventures and enterprises
  • Business Decision Support Tools – including industry-specific advice, checklists, guides, questionnaires and other documents, all finessed for online delivery and for streamlining transactions and dispute resolution

7.  Marketing-leading level of innovation

To provide clients with a deep level of support, we apply know-how from law as well as other disciplines such as IT, HR and management. Ongoing and substantial investment in research keeps our advice, methodologies and documents up-to-date in form, content and methods for delivery.

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Noric Dilanchian