1.  Manage the project

Restructure your business to get new capital gains concessions

2.  Make a proposal

Proposal writing or review checklist

3.  Improve a business valuation

51 hints to achieve your premium business sale price

Four tasks to increase values or prices in business transactions

Valuation of businesses

Business valuation with EBIT multiples
Business valuation with price earnings multiples

Private Equity or private debt? Beware of the Ides of March

Commercialisation strategy and business valuation multiples: 15 questions

Billions made with Internet business exit strategies

Paydays, Maydays and Judgement Days

4.  Consider the alternative of a collaborative arrangement

This is an alternative to selling or buying a business. Collaborations include:

1.  Co-operative

2.  Licensing

3.  Distributorship

4.  Joint Venture (contractual or incorporated)

5.  Franchising

6.  Outsourcing (some types)

7.  Strategic Alliance (some types)

8.  Co-production

9.  Partnership

Preparing a business exit strategy

Special Collection: Business Valuation

Photo: Pompeius coin 42BC from:
Roman Numismatics, Art, History & Archeology

Call for a conversation to discuss your proposed valuation, sale or purchase of a business.


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