Below are links, a collection of writing in the Lightbulb blog on business valuation, sale or purchase. Call for a conversation to discuss your proposed valuation, sale or purchase of a business.

1.  Manage the project

2.  Make a proposal

3.  Improve a business valuation

4.  Instead of a sale, consider collaborative arrangement alternatives

This is an alternative to selling or buying a business.

Collaborations include:

      1. Co-operative
      2. Licensing
      3. Distributorship
      4. Joint Venture (contractual or incorporated)
      5. Franchising
      6. Outsourcing (some types)
      7. Strategic Alliance (some types)
      8. Co-production
      9. Partnership

Those above nine options are discussed in this video. The video ends with a recommendation that you consider business and management needs and only then legal needs.


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Photo: Sextus Pompey, 44-43 BC
Noric Dilanchian