How does IP law and IP strategy help business? A major study in Europe helps answer this question and looks inside corporate IP strategy and tactics in Europe.

View the slide show below which drawn from that study titled The value of knowledge: European firms and the intellectual property challenge.

The authors of that January 2007 study are from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Unit has operated for 60 years and is the research and advisory division of The Economist Group, publisher of The Economist and CFO. The study data is derived from a survey in September-October 2006, across 49 countries in Europe, a diverse spread of industries, and over 400 executives nearly half at C-level or board members.

To read the Economist Intelligence Unit’s white paper click here .

Our thanks to the Economist Intelligence Unit for spotlighting what major companies in Europe either plan to do, or are already doing, to more effectively build futures with intellectual property, IP law and IP strategy.

Noric Dilanchian