Our firm provides a rigorous framework for clients for their employment law and documentation needs.

Contact Noric Dilanchian for a quote to implement your human resources and people “system in a box“, the process and suite of documents illustrated in the Employment Process Workflow graphic below.

A business that does not have a standardised process and documents for its human resources or people system will more often face employment law complexities and problems.

The Employment Process Workflow covers employment law needs, as well as well as providing a people management system, legal advice and consultancy in one package.

The clockwise cycle of the workflow starts and ends with the operational documents listed in the brown top left table. Our approach and documents make culture, strategy and operations lead legals.

Listed below the graphic are document and advice types available from our firm. You may need a part or the complete implementation of the framework. We welcome your enquiries and requests for proposals customised for your requirements.


The Employment Process Workflow illustrates how at Dilanchian we integrate for clients legal and non-legal know-how to better manage both employees and the organisation in which they work


Our employment law documents and advice

Advice for Implementation
        • Employment Contract, Documents & Records Advice Letter (ie this letter)
        • Employment Process Workflow
        • Employees and Contractors Workflow
        • Induction Checklist Form
Employment Contract
        • Job Descriptionwhat goes into an employment agreement?
        • Job Description Use Guide
        • Employment Contract Schedule & General Conditions
        • Employment Offer Letter – Non-Executive
        • Employment Offer Letter – Executive
        • Employment Contract General Conditions – Executive
        • Restraint of Trade Advice Letter and Worksheet
        • Choice of Superannuation Fund Form [PDF]
        • Small Business Fair Dismissal Form [PDF]
        • Employment Details Form
        • Bank Details Form
        • Leave Application Form
        • Leave Record Form
        • Pay Slip (Salary-Based Employees)
        • Pay Slip (Wage-Based Employees) – For Wage-based Employees
        • Time and Wages Records (Weekly) Sheet – For Wage-based Employees
Restraint of Trade
        • Non-competition Advice Letter & Worksheet
        • Non-competition Enforceability Improvement Framework
Advanced HR management best practice documents
        • Policy Manual
        • Employee Confidential Information Deed
        • HR – Employees & Contractors Procedure
        • Job Design Form
        • Human Resources Process Guide
        • Recruitment document set: (1) Application Form; (2) Recruitment Selection Criteria; (3) Recruitment Interview Report; (4) Recruitment Reference Request Form; (5) Recruitment Reference Check Form
        • Incentives document set: Commission plans and other employee incentives
        • Strategic change document set: (1) Strategic planning templates; (2) Cultural Change Sheet; (3) Cultural Change Activities Timeline
        • Performance management set: (1) Performance Appraisal Questionnaire; (2) Remuneration Policy and Expenses; (3) Continuing Professional Development Register; (4) investigation procedure for claimed employment law breaches; (5) official warning letters and Employee Corrective Action Notice Form
        • Exit documents set: (1) Dismissal and abandonment letters; (2) Exit Interview Form; (3) Termination/Resignation letter, (4) Release Deed, (5) Certificate of Service, (6) Debriefing Letter
Noric Dilanchian