Professionalism and differentiation

Our assurance to you is to provide services which are tailored, innovative, strategic and practical. We'll support you with excellence, entrepreneurship and integrity.

You'll lead in your document design, plain language communication and technology utilisation.

Seven reasons

1 Advice, training and tools

We'll understand your business before we treat it in legal terms. In addition to advice and drafting documents, we provide training and support for your entrepreneurship, and extensive business decision support tools - checklists, guides, questionnaires, spreadsheets, slide decks and visualisations.

2Innovation leaders

Your results will benefit from our market-leading expertise in integrating law with know-how from IT, human resources management, marketing, publishing and management consultancy. Ongoing and substantial investment in research keeps our advice, methodologies and documents up-to-date in form, content and methods for delivery.

3Business development

To serve clients our team applies over 30 years experience in business law and strategic thinking for technology, business modelling, intellectual property and commercialisation. Our team have successfully completed thousands of transactions and reviewed, prepared or advised on no less than 5,000 contracts for organisations of all sizes.

4Multimedia communication

Because people and organisations think differently our firm engages accountants, programmers, graphic designers and videographers. With this team, in addition to legal documents we prepare capital raising pitch decks, business model visualisations, financial spreadsheets, and input for social media and video marketing communications.

5Strategic thinking

Integrating your legal, business and innovation strategy is our forte. We'll provide guidance to make your offerings and intellectual assets distinctive, novel or original. These are pre-requisites for you to successfully contract, manage and commercialise your intellectual property, technology and knowledge assets.

6Market knowledge

What market are you in, and what is its price structure, business models, technologies, risks, trends and customer expectations? What can be learned from competitors? We'll share our market knowledge to anwer these types of questions, to advise you and determine the format, layout, terms and conditions to achieve targeted outcomes.

7LegalTech Pioneers

We are pioneers in online legal publishing in Australia and using information technology to reduce legal costs and turnaround time. This has guided many clients to apply cloud computing, ecommerce and online workflows into their businesses.

Clients and industries

We advise clients in many industries and sectors.

  •  Technology - mechanical, chemical, medical
  •  IT - internet, web and mobile apps, software
  •  Start-up capital raising and venture capital
  •  Invention and innovation commercialisation
  •  Entertainment (music, film, TV) and publishing
  •  Education, training and professional services
  •  Product development and merchandising
  •  Fintech and financial services
  •  Retailing, manufacturing and distribution
  •  Business and consultancy services
  •  Online marketing, PR and advertising
  •  Food and beverages
  •  Consumer goods and fashion
  •  Associations and not-for-profits


Noric Dilanchian is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in Australia when you are looking at the impact of digital technology on intellectual property rights. He thinks deeply about new business models and how they can be implemented into business - he adds significant value in highly practical ways. (20 June 2016)

Chris Gilbey, CEO Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd

You are the first lawyer in Australia that has caused me to stop me saying: 'I hate lawyers'. (22 June 2010)

Simon Edhouse, Managing Director Virtusoft Pty Ltd

With experience across a range of industries and keen interest in technology as well as associated platforms and networks, Noric assesses intellectual property and copyright needs astutely. He holds regard for existing regulation and finds innovative strategies and solutions to complex challenges. Drawing on his knowledge of law, business and publishing, Noric brings together information with precision and theatrical demonstration in order to facilitate a novice's understanding of sometimes seemingly complex concepts.
In doing so the seeker of advice, who listens attentively, is able to engage collaboratively with Noric. In turn Noric integrates his knowledge and experience in order to protect, document and manage the clients' intellectual property, copyright rights and knowledge assets. With his 'ear to the ground' Noric's professional expertise is a 'must have' for any business. He understands the challenges faced by business, and importantly those who are in the business of protecting their intellectual property and copyright rights.
Engaging Noric has been more than beneficial and cost effective. He has provided me with valuable knowledge along with a skill set that is both reassuring and empowering as I seek to achieve my business outcomes. This has allowed me to keep moving forward with business goals, maintaining clarity and focus as to what is possible within the context of the law and newly acquired information. (25 November 2015)

Jane Watson, Program and Client Services Co-ordinator Watson Headache Clinic and Watson Headache Institute

I have known Noric Dilanchian professionally and socially for over two decades now and have nothing but the highest of regard for him. We have worked together and he has briefed me on numerous cases over the years in commercial, company , contractual and intellectual property matters. His attention to detail is second to none. He works extremely hard on his cases and prepares them to the nth degree.
He looks after his clients and their cases with the utmost of sensitivity and importance and is fearless in his pursuit of justice for them. His client care is exceptional and is above and beyond the call of duty. He has a very enquiring mind, probing and examining every realistic possibility and opportunity for his clients. He instills them with pragmatic and realistic confidence.
He also has an exceptional sense of humour. His solid dry wit combined with the right amount of empathy and sympathy for his clients makes him in my opinion a senior solicitor worth his weight in gold for the amount of time and preparation he provides for his clients. Simply put, I cannot recommend him too highly. (26 June 2016)

Adrian Amer, Barister-at-Law Gray's Inn

Many thanks for your services and thank you for your fair and honest billing. It is very rare to find such a lawyer (as my favourite cousin is wont to say “honest lawyers pretty much went the way of the dodo bird”) and I look forward to using your services again in the future. (22 June 2010)

Jason Chua, Director Titanium Dental Imaging

We received good practical advice. We needed somebody that knows their way around IP and Noric Dilanchian certainly knows his stuff. (3 September 2007)

Peter Hickey, Managing Director MAUS Business Systems

I would like to thank the team at Dilanchian for hosting a not only informative but highly practical seminar on branding in business. The calibre and breadth of speakers, covering local, international, small and large business provided a good insight into building and implementing clearer brand strategies in today's market. (3 November 2005)

Renée de Saxe, Brand Manager Beelgara Estate

From the Short Contrasts Workshop the important insights for me were the realisation that more flexibility can be built into the content of a contract and the idea of there being a "standard architecture" to contracts. (19 January 2006)

Michael Peel, Director The SOS Print & Media Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

As the CFO of an IT company who had no formal training in law, yet who is in charge of reading legal contracts and writing them, I found the Short Contracts Workshop achieved results beyond my expectations. The Workshop is presented in an interesting but very focused way by Noric Dilanchian, who has got insights on and knowledge of our industry. I have learnt what to read when I am given a contract, and what not to be missed or mistaken when I write a contract. The most important thing I have walked away with, is the confidence I have gained. This Workshop is highly recommended. (23 January 2006)

Lily Li, Chief Financial Officer Allette Systems Pty Ltd

Thank you for making the Short Contracts Workshop so informative and enjoyable - there is nothing worse than a drab instructor. Your vigour and enthusiasm, for your subject, certainly makes a difference to other solicitors and other courses which I have been involved with in the past. (30 January 2006)

Michael Collins Licensed Real Estate Agent/Business Broker & Auctioneer