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Waves are a common and useful metaphor for change, including for technological change.

Long-term waves in IT history, as observed by Brenda Laurel, are discussed in Structured networks and the next internet wave.

Contemporary waves were discussed last month in Technology Waves and the Hypernet by IT investors, Roger McNamee and Mike Maples in their new blog, The Hypernet.

This followed McNamee's future IT predictions for developers and investors - 10 Hypotheses for Technology Investing, a short and brilliant list (illustration below).


Tracking waves is an almost annual tradition for me as a way of seeing and preparing ahead for clients. It makes our advice and the contracts we draft up-to-date and at the best of times future-proof.

For the record, here's a list of our articles on past information technology waves of change:

Photo credit: Author, 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia.

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