"People and IP are our greatest assets"

If you say that, then what are you doing about it this year? If you are doing something - is it designed to stand your company or organisation apart from competitors or make its products, services, processes or reputation shine in the marketplace? Are you sure?

To do something about your greatest assets here's a short list of some of our relevant offerings. Unlike every telemarketer who has called me, upfront I admit what follows is a sales pitch. I hope I've done a better job than just chewing your ear as Stan Laurel did to a potential customer in Big Business.

Consider whether your enterprise could benefit from assistance we can provide as overviewed below. These offerings form part of our core business as lawyers and consultants who since 2000 have used the tagline "Intellectual Property & Innovation Professionals".

  • Take business improvement and structuring steps to prepare for the next level of business growth. This may involve tasks to comply with regulations, resolve tax issues, prepare for business growth fund raising, or develop a stategy to attract partners or collaborators.
  • Prepare an intellectual property register without which it is more difficult to work towards revenue generation, legal risk minimisation, or reduction of IP legal fees. An IP register might include data on domain names, brands, trade marks, and lists of copyright materials (eg in a digital media enterprise that might include software source files, code blocks, models and tools).
  • Do things to lock down IP. For example, register important trade marks and designs, introduce decent lawyer-drafted contracts to capture the IP created by employees and contractors, and  take steps to reduce morale-destroying employee disputes or claims about breach of moral rights, unfair dismissal and failure to share revenue from new ideas.
  • Intoduce a policy and procedures manual. This can be linked to employment contracts and can contain risk-minimising legal compliance requirements. It can also record information which everyone needs and hence saves the time and money involved in  mind-numbing repetition of requirements to your people who join or have been in your enterprise for years.
  • Develop template or standardised agreements. Aim to incorporate proper process definition and project management elements to contracts to help project managers, don't just focus on the usual legal guff.
  • Obtain advice on how to use letters of demand for IP protection whether by lawyers or by you. Many companies and organisations are just plain wrong in thinking that there is little chance for them to defend their IP economically. An experienced IP lawyer should be able to advise you about the chances for success with IP claims.
  • Conduct an IP audit and working on additional strategies to license intellectual property. There are risks in licensing, eg you may not make money. There are also risks in not licensing - if yours is a service business then you may remain on an hourly rate treadmill rather than putting in place say an e-commerce system that can earn revenues from abroad while your people are asleep.

Business process in a box

A popular service we have provided for years involves delivering what might be described as "business process in a box". Following a legal audit of your circumstances, we develop template or standardised agreements which tie into forms for making proposals and securing payment through guarantees and contract law. What distinguishes this service is that we conduct a comprehensive business process analysis before typing anything. This approach results in customised contracts, froms and other documents suiting general needs or a specific type of product or service in a niche industry. We're actually very good at this and we like this type of work. Call us, let's chat.

Some services may be fee-based, others not. We can offer retainer arrangements where you receive defined areas of advice and in return we cap our legal fees to a monthly fixed sum.

Send us or call for a conversation on  (02) 9269 0229. We can usually help in a number of ways.

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