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What does WTF mean in a legal context?

WTF is usually thought of as a rude acronym. I've decided to give it a new meaning.

During a meeting yesterday I informed a new client start-up that too often new clients make contact with lawyers after a fire has started. They treat lawyers like the fire brigade.

That's when the client said: "Ah yes, WTF, meaning Where's The Fire". He said go ahead feel free to use it. So I have.

Do yourself a favour stop treating lawyers like the fire brigade – only calling when your house is on fire.

Like the fire brigade, law firms can advise on ways to avoid or minimise fires. Most of the articles in this Lightbulb blog could fit into the following categories:

  • Legal smoke alarm
  • Legal fire drill
  • Legal fire sprinkler
  • Legal fire extinguisher
  • Legal fire hose

The benefits of calling early are sometimes very surprising and considerable.

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