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Friday IT lawyer humour

Headlines can be funny. I was just reading one of my online news feeds.

First there was a CRN article headlined: "Microsoft wins 10,000th patent, lawyers everywhere rejoice." I was instantly impressed. Scanning down the news feed I saw that at Digg there was another side to the story - a brilliant headline: "10,000 patents, $9BN annually in research...and we get Vista".

There's no exclamation mark in that headline because the story here at Computerworld is balanced. Its author, Preston Gralla, say "I'm one of Vista's few fans, but even I recognize that it's got plenty of shortcomings. ... Vista is history repeating itself. It is Windows Me 2.0. It is crap and we all know it. One can only hope that Windows 7 is as good as Windows XP."

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