In 2008 I'll rejoice if...

  1. People (including our managing partner) realise the iPhone, though sexy, is not a new deity to be worshipped!
  2. Old world corporations and organisations finally move out of the dark ages and into the new media reality.
  3. Clients stop treating lawyers like the fire brigade – only calling when their house is on fire.
  4. Copyright owners show restraint, common sense and a little bit of PR nous when enforcing their rights.
  5. 80 odd percent of internet users finally realise there is a better internet browser out there.
  6. Complex documents, manuals and contracts prepared by us stop being treated as if written in Sanskrit.
  7. The fluoro-fashion comeback dies.
  8. Apple Computers and Apple Records “Come Together”, rather than the latter singing “Can't Buy Me Love”.
  9. We are hired to advise someone, anyone, in the C7 appeal.
  10. I actually have already won, as proclaimed by the countless spammers flooding my inbox.

But I’m not holding my breath!

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