In 2008 I'll groan each time...

  1. A conference organiser uses "2.0" after a one word conference title.
  2. Writers spring to their keyboards after every news blip from Google, Microsoft or Facebook.
  3. People and governments don't realise how much the world has changed in recent years.
  4. Yet more calls are made for legislation to pour out of parliaments (which nobody has the time to read).
  5. I have to read a judge's decison which is unnecessarily long and lacking in structure.
  6. I let myself or a client down by failing to do something faster, cheaper, or better.
  7. I receive email attachments from a client with next to zero explanations or background.
  8. A meeting is requested with neither a clear agenda or any background documents.
  9. People tout their virtues and fain disinterest in power, fame or fortune.
  10. After I provide detailed advice, a potential client says "My gut feeling is a small law firm can't do this job."
  11. I receive a business enewsletter as engaging as spam.

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