Tech Ventures: Structuring, Capital & Commercialisation

Our speciality is intellectual property and commercialisation strategy for their integration into the life cycle of ventures. This involves business structuring, legal drafting for engaging people and capital raising.

Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialisation

Intellectual property protection and commercialisation are corner stones of our work for clients. We define and evaluate your IP and position in business, embed appropriate legal protection, and only then produce recommendations and documentation.

Contract Drafting & Review

We've drafted thousands of business contracts which recipients are quick to accept. Our speciality is template contracts involving business model innovation and transaction standardisation. Call now, before you give anyone an agenda or negotiate deal points.

Trade Marks Strategy & Registration

You have arrived in the right place for a cost-effective, quality trade mark registration. We apply "legal design" to increase your trade mark's monopoly power.

Demand Letter Drafting & Review

Our specialty is achieving results without court action by preparing highly customized demand letters and replies to them. In each type of case below we work out and structure the facts, the law and the demanded action or the basis for a solid defence.