Blogs that work in the "attention economy"

In what has been variously described as the "attention economy" or the entertainment economy, being noticed is more important than ever as compared to being substantive.

So who is popular online among business-related blogs and websites?

This is important for us to track as a law firm specialising in the commercialisation of Websites, Web ventures, content on the Internet and information technology.

David Sifry, the founder and CEO of Technorati should know which blogs are popular. His latest quarterly report is The State of the Live Web. It is a statistics and graphics-rich report on the status of the world of blogs (ie the blogsphere).  Details and observations follow and one personal prediction.

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Book Review: Made in Australia

Stories about business failure can be more insightful and useful than success stories. I also often find it more rewarding to read about little guys making it big than reading the annual BRW Rich 200 or Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans. The reading can indicate ideas, trends and patterns useful for projects for clients, collaborators or my own firm.

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"I'd like to thank my lawyer"

This is one of my favourite expressions at each year's Academy Awards. We all like to give and receive thanks. This post is the story of how I convinced a client to not invest in a tax-driven commercialisation venture and how in appreciation he introduced me to the glory of Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz.

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The direction of IT is towards theatre and conversation

Technology forecasting is fundamental to what must be done in technology commercialisation. Legal opinion (AKA legal forecasting) should get with the program. Understanding the broader imperatives for a technology to work is vital. Otherwise a risk is that legal opinion will make or contribute to make something that is unworkable.

About 10 years ago I was inspired to prepare an adaptation of a graphic. The inspiration came from a publication issued by the Institute of Intellecual Property in Japan. The publication was titled "Exposure '94: A Proposal of the New Rule on Intellectual Property for Multimedia".

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Are managers from Earth and lawyers lost in space?

Recently a lawyer insisted that a contractual disclaimer he put into a contract should remain despite my strong protest. He said my client should simply deal with the issue by conducting "due diligence".

I replied the disclaimer was unreasonably wide removing any scope for complaints. I added that my client would do "due diligence" if the lawyer could provide me with a "due diligence" checklist at the level of a managerial risk management checklist (supported as they often are by recognised standards). The phone went silent. I never received any "due diligence" checklist.

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Winning a business case against legal opinion

It's very frustrating to hear of a good idea killed at birth by a lawyer who warns of "legal risks" but leaves the idea's champion unconvinced that the legal issues are critical or unmanageable. How can the manager fight back? Instead of freezing when hearing the phrase "legal risks", how can a manager who does not have a law degree test the "legal risks"?

To answer this question imagine a context. Imagine you have a new IT idea for your company and as the project manager you are suddenly blocked by advice by the company's lawyer that legal risks would arise at the commercialisation stage. You are unconvinced, you want clarity about the legal risks.

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Striking gold with kiwifruit

It is well known that New Zealanders were the first to commercialise the kiwifruit globally. Less well known is the role of intellectual property in this New Zealand success story. Get ready for a tasty illustration of - intellectual property, food research, commercialisation and ISO 9001 compliance - working in unity to maintain New Zealand's leadership in the global $US2.5 billion kiwifruit market.

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Wisdom for Commercialisation of Social Networking Websites

The $US900 million ($A1.18 billion) deal for MySpace, announced on 7 August 2006, between News Corp and Google is a milestone in the history of the commercialisation and monetising of social networking websites.

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Professional services, not just legal advice

Lawyers Weekly | 14 Feb 2003

This article on Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants profiles its integation of law and management consultancy. It was published in Lawyer's Weekly originally under the title "Gone Consulting.

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Name Calling: When Businesses Collide

Sue Hoban | The Manly Daily | 12 May 2001

Lawyers Weekly | 14 Feb 2003

This article written by Sue Hoban of The Manly Daily covers the name and trade marks dispute between Australian beachwear business, Absolut Beach, and Vin & Sprit, owner of the Absolut Vodka brand.

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The long tail versus the hit industry typology

I have never forgotten my profound shock of recognition one day in 1996 when I came across the concept of a hit industry typology. The concept was in a book I was reading titled Developing Business Strategies by the prominent American academic and author, David A. Aaker.

Ten years on I'm reminded of Aaker's book given the increasing buzz around Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail". This blog in 2005 became a book in 2006, and this month entered the New York Times list of top 10 bestselling books.

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The Colour Purple: an exercise in expensive litigation

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury?”, proclaim its advertisements ad nauseam. Well, as long as you’re not locked in a legal battle with them. Aggressive legal tactics, backroom deals - the food and retail giant is pulling out all stops.

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Dell's online brand abuse

Dell's latest Google AdWords campaign made Toshiba and Acer very annoyed. Why? Apparently Dell registered the phrases "Acer notebook" and "Toshiba notebook" on Google's advertising program, so people entering these search terms into Google's Australian search engine would be directed to Dell's website.

What an interesting legal football such registered search terms are. They've been tested by courts around the world with wide-ranging interpretations and conflicting decisions. The French have been harsh, the Brits have been lenient and the US have been a bit each way. Here in Australia these issues haven’t really been tested yet.

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Content licensing for mobile phones

Listen up owners, creators and developers of content for mobile phones! Here is a top 10 list of mobile phone statistics care of BuddeComm and Deloittes.

We explored the implications of the statistics below at an i-mode legal hypothetical for content creators and developers in April 2005 at lab.3000 in Melbourne.

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