Rosana She is a lawyer with Dilanchian, having commenced as a para-legal in 2013. A graduate from the University of Sydney, she holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Arts (Media and Communications).

Rosana has a focus on intellectual property, information technology and general business law and a special interest in trade with China and the needs of Chinese clients. She speaks and writes Cantonese and Mandarin fluently.

Born in Hong Kong, Rosana completed her high school education in the United Kingdom. With an appreciation for different cultures and languages, she chose French Studies as one of her majors for her Media and Communications degree.


Listed below are some of the legal projects in which Rosana has been involved at Dilanchian.

Commercialisation and knowledge management

  • Providing intellectual property and risk management for a professional research institute.
  • Providing commercialisation and intellectual property management advice for an air-conditioning technology start-up.

Intellectual property, technology and e-business

  • Advising on electronic commerce venture regarding structuring and developing an online auction business.
  • Providing advice on name protection and trade mark registrability for various businesses including a cloud computing and a materials start up.
  • Developing an online terms of service for a cloud computing company.
  • Providing branding advice for an organic food company.
  • Providing advice on the application of Australian Consumer Law and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) on electronic commerce for an international cosmetics company.

Dispute resolution

  • Preparing for a pleadings and evidence defence and cross-claim in litigation for residential building disputes.
  • Advising on a trade mark dispute for a mortgage finance client.
  • Drafting letters of demand for a technology company regarding contractual breaches.

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1. 商业化和知识管理

  • 为一所专业研究学院提供知识产权和风险管理服务;
  • 提供 商业化及知识产权管理意见给一家新创空调技术公司。

2. 知识产权、科技和网上企业

  • 提供关于网上拍卖企业和电子商务的规划和发展的意见;
  • 向不同的企业,包括云端运算公司、原料新创公司等,针对商标注册和保护作出建议;
  • 为一所云端电脑服务公司制订网上服务条款;
  • 提供品牌巩固策略予有机食品公司;
  • 针对澳洲销售法及私隐法对电子商务的法律影响为一家国际性的化妆品企业提供意见。

3. 争议解决

  • 为涉及住宅建筑诉讼纠纷的一为建筑商客户准备申诉答辩;
  • 于商标注册纠纷中,给从事抵押贷款财务的客人提供策略意见;
  • 为一所技术发展公司编写要求违约者停止违约并偿还款额的律师函。

若阁下需要有关知识产权、资讯科技和商业法或中国贸易的法律咨询,欢迎阁下透过以下电邮地址联系佘颖欣律师:Email Rosana She